What is a Black Swan Event?

I got a lot of great feedback on my post about protecting yourself from Black Swan events, but numerous people asked me to better define what a Black Swan was and to provide some examples. A Black Swan is simply an event that you never could have predicted that causes catastrophic damage.  Even when something … Continue reading What is a Black Swan Event?

Monday Morning Reads

Good morning and welcome to the start of another week.  Here is what I am reading as we kick off the final week in June: How CRISPR Gene Editing Is Revolutionizing Medicine And The Companies Who Invest In It Targeting cancer cells' escape vehicles to stop tumor metastasis Does your clinical trial policy include coverage … Continue reading Monday Morning Reads

Protecting Your Supply Chain

I read an interesting article* the other day about a supply chain issue Ford is having because one of their key suppliers suffered a fire loss.  Ford said the disruption could cause a reduction of up to 15,000 trucks being manufactured per week and would have an “adverse impact” on its financial results. Ford is … Continue reading Protecting Your Supply Chain