Why Milestone Payments Go Uninsured

Almost every day I read about a company receiving a milestone or grant payment, but sometimes milestones aren't met and it is not for lack of science. I often wonder how a company would be affected if the milestone or grant were not received because of a fire or some other natural event rather than the … Continue reading Why Milestone Payments Go Uninsured

Black Swan Events – Are You Protected?

A lot of people are familiar with the idea of the “Black Swan” event, quite simply an event that is near impossible to predict and has catastrophic results.  Oftentimes, after a Black Swan event we mistakenly believe it was easier to predict than it actually was and over time dismiss its significance.  After a Black … Continue reading Black Swan Events – Are You Protected?

Wednesday Reads

Happy Hump Day! Here is what I am reading as we move to the halfway mark of the week: Researchers develop new scoring criteria to evaluate quality of scientific research proposals Is Over-Regulation Really the Reason There are Fewer IPOs? 7 Surveys That Say A Lot About U.S. Healthcare CAR-T growing up with big pharma's … Continue reading Wednesday Reads