Why Milestone Payments Go Uninsured

Almost every day I read about a company receiving a milestone or grant payment, but sometimes milestones aren't met and it is not for lack of science. I often wonder how a company would be affected if the milestone or grant were not received because of a fire or some other natural event rather than the … Continue reading Why Milestone Payments Go Uninsured

Black Swan Events – Are You Protected?

A lot of people are familiar with the idea of the “Black Swan” event, quite simply an event that is near impossible to predict and has catastrophic results.  Oftentimes, after a Black Swan event we mistakenly believe it was easier to predict than it actually was and over time dismiss its significance.  After a Black … Continue reading Black Swan Events – Are You Protected?

Wednesday Reads

Happy Hump Day! Here is what I am reading as we move to the halfway mark of the week: Researchers develop new scoring criteria to evaluate quality of scientific research proposals Is Over-Regulation Really the Reason There are Fewer IPOs? 7 Surveys That Say A Lot About U.S. Healthcare CAR-T growing up with big pharma's … Continue reading Wednesday Reads

Tuesday Morning Reads

Here is what I am reading this morning: Winners And Losers From ASCO - Cancer Research's Biggest Event MIT team creates wireless system to power implanted devices How would insurance policies respond if this were hacked and bodily injury occurred? A traditional cyber policy excludes bodily injury and the Products Liability could very well have … Continue reading Tuesday Morning Reads

Saturday Reads

After a couple of days of travel I am back and this is what I'm reading this weekend: Biotech stocks facing FDA Decision in June A blood test for 10 different types of cancers could one day help doctors screen for the disease before patients show symptoms Electroencephalography (EEG) is a widely used technique for … Continue reading Saturday Reads

I’m a Startup and Need Insurance…Now!

For companies just starting out or at Seed stage, insurance is usually something that is not thought about until someone you are doing business with asks for evidence of your insurance program.  At that point it means the insurance was usually already required as part of a lease, a contract, a statutory requirement or a … Continue reading I’m a Startup and Need Insurance…Now!