Monday Morning Reads

Good morning and welcome to another week, albeit an abbreviated one, and the second half of 2018.  Here is what I am reading as we start July: Family owned Recordati, an Italian Pharma Company, is being bought by CVC Capital Partners for almost $7B (Pitchbook). The fee for an NDA has gone from $208,000 in … Continue reading Monday Morning Reads

Thursday Morning Reads

Good morning, here is what I am reading this morning.  I was compelled to include the first article as I am proud that my Alma mater is investing in the biotech space and having the companies they invest in commit to staying in Philadelphia. Penn invests ‘several million’ in Carisma Therapeutics as part of $50M … Continue reading Thursday Morning Reads

2018 Medtech Conference Recap

I had the pleasure of attending the Medtech Conference on May 31st in Minneapolis that was put on by Healthegy.  This was a one day event and the goal was to bring together startup and early stage companies, large corporations, investors, academia, and of course service providers like myself that cater to the industry. For … Continue reading 2018 Medtech Conference Recap

Weekend Reads

Good morning and happy Saturday.  Here is what I'm reading today: More than 90% of psychiatric patients housed by the US government are behind bars. How do you treat mental illness in prison? Here are two great articles from Endpoints News: Visualize: ASCO 2018’s winners and losers by market cap change Friday was a busy … Continue reading Weekend Reads

Wednesday Reads

Happy Hump Day! Here is what I am reading as we move to the halfway mark of the week: Researchers develop new scoring criteria to evaluate quality of scientific research proposals Is Over-Regulation Really the Reason There are Fewer IPOs? 7 Surveys That Say A Lot About U.S. Healthcare CAR-T growing up with big pharma's … Continue reading Wednesday Reads