Tuesday Morning Headlines

Good morning, this is what I'm reading on this hot and humid Tuesday morning: For Scientists Racing to Cure Alzheimer’s, the Patient Recruitment Math Is Getting Ugly (NY Times) Anthem In Telehealth Deal With Samsung And American Well (Forbes) An Enormous Study of the Genes Related to Staying in School. Researchers have found 1,271 gene … Continue reading Tuesday Morning Headlines

Friday Healthcare Articles

Happy Friday!  Here is what I am reading as we wrap up the week: Drug lobby aims to shake up how medicines are paid for (BioPharma Dive) A survey of 101 healthcare workers in IT and business/clinical positions asked respondents to rate their level of concern about insider cybersecurity threats, with 1 being not at … Continue reading Friday Healthcare Articles

Thursday Healthcare News

It's Thursday and this is what I'm reading: US venture capital activity so far this year in 15 charts (Pitchbook) What’s preventing doctors from adopting virtual care technologies? A Deloitte survey of 624 primary care and specialty care doctors, which found only 14 percent said they have video visit capabilities, also provides suggestions about how … Continue reading Thursday Healthcare News

Tuesday Morning Articles of Interest

It's Tuesday and this is what I'm reading: Recalls happen every day and cost a lot of money, there is a way to insure against that financial loss, but few companies know about it or insure against it - Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Valsartan and Valsartan Hydrochlorothiazide Tablets (Business Wire). 4 … Continue reading Tuesday Morning Articles of Interest

Monday Morning Reads

Good morning and welcome to another week, albeit an abbreviated one, and the second half of 2018.  Here is what I am reading as we start July: Family owned Recordati, an Italian Pharma Company, is being bought by CVC Capital Partners for almost $7B (Pitchbook). The fee for an NDA has gone from $208,000 in … Continue reading Monday Morning Reads

Wednesday Morning Reads

Good morning!  Here is what I am reading today: Implantable 3D-printed organs could be coming sooner than you think FDA Repays Industry by Rushing Risky Drugs to Market Oxford Biotech Finds First Epigenetic Biomarkers to Diagnose ALS – This could possibly reduce the time to diagnose to 48 hours. It can currently take up to … Continue reading Wednesday Morning Reads

Monday Morning Reads

Good morning and welcome to the start of another week.  Here is what I am reading as we kick off the final week in June: How CRISPR Gene Editing Is Revolutionizing Medicine And The Companies Who Invest In It Targeting cancer cells' escape vehicles to stop tumor metastasis Does your clinical trial policy include coverage … Continue reading Monday Morning Reads