Weekend Reads

Good morning and happy Saturday.  Here is what I'm reading today: More than 90% of psychiatric patients housed by the US government are behind bars. How do you treat mental illness in prison? Here are two great articles from Endpoints News: Visualize: ASCO 2018’s winners and losers by market cap change Friday was a busy … Continue reading Weekend Reads

NY BIO’s Annual Meeting

I recently attended NY BIO’s annual meeting in New York City.  This was my first time to this event but I have attended other Life Science events that were focused on New York City and I do my best to keep up with how they are developing the ecosystem.  For those of you that don’t … Continue reading NY BIO’s Annual Meeting

What I’m Reading Today

Here is what I'm reading in the world of medicine this morning: Barely five months into 2018, investors have placed more Seed and Series A money into biotherapeutics companies than all of last year. Epinephrine auto-injectors: to prescribe or not to prescribe. Do we need Epi-pens? Discovery will impact design of drug delivery systems at … Continue reading What I’m Reading Today