Using a Fact Based Approach to Buy Insurance

Concept or Concrete?  Are you buying insurance based off of a concept that your broker is proposing or off of facts?  If you have perfect coverage with no gaps that is fine concept is fine, but otherwise you should be thinking about buying off of fact. What do I mean by fact?  As a broker, … Continue reading Using a Fact Based Approach to Buy Insurance

Saturday Reads

Here is what I am reading to start my holiday weekend: The Reporter Who Took Down a Unicorn. How John Carreyrou battled corporate surveillance and intimidation to expose a multibillion-dollar Silicon Valley start-up as a fraud. Do you want to know what cell therapies are being investigated in specific countries, if so this database will … Continue reading Saturday Reads

Weekend Reads

I hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start, here is what I'm reading today: Think Fast And You'll Lose Money Quickly (A Behavioral Economics Explanation Of Irrational Gambling) M&As this week: Illumina, Widex, Investindustrial FDA shames drug companies suspected of using ‘gaming tactics’ to delay competition New tool analyzes disease and drug effects … Continue reading Weekend Reads