Thursday Morning Reads

Here are some articles that caught my eye this morning: A promising cancer treatment made patients worse, not better. A Biotech Entrepreneur Aims To Help Us Stay Young While Growing Old Notorious activist investor Carl Icahn buys small stake in Allergan ASCO18: Who were the big winners and losers? Virtual Surgery: no longer a question … Continue reading Thursday Morning Reads

Wednesday Reads

I am off to Minneapolis this afternoon for the Medtech Conference tomorrow.  Here is what I will be reading on the flight: Thousands of large-scale RNA sequencing experiments yield a comprehensive new human gene list and reveal extensive transcriptional noise How Accurate Is Direct-To-Consumer Genetic Testing? From Gold(ish) To Garbage What can AI bring to … Continue reading Wednesday Reads

Tuesday Reads

Here is what I'm reading today: Following five healthy lifestyle habits may increase life expectancy by decade or more according to Harvard researchers. Amazon is building a 'health & wellness’ team within Alexa as it aims to upend health care Researchers from Columbia University in the US have developed a new technique that uses CRISPR … Continue reading Tuesday Reads