Monday Morning Reads

Good morning and welcome to another week, albeit an abbreviated one, and the second half of 2018.  Here is what I am reading as we start July:

  • Family owned Recordati, an Italian Pharma Company, is being bought by CVC Capital Partners for almost $7B (Pitchbook).
  • The fee for an NDA has gone from $208,000 in 1995 to $2,421,495 in 2018. Drug companies now provide 75% of the FDA’s drug review budget so the question becomes does this create a bias at the FDA to approve drugs (Forbes).
  • In Medtech and Digital Health – Here is perspective from other entrepreneurs (Medical Design & Outsourcing).
  • Now that we are halfway through the year, how does the IPO market stack up against the previous 7 years (Endpoints)?

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